davy lazar

composer . improviser . trumpeter

 Photo by Tom Henning

Photo by Tom Henning


Davy Lazar is a brooklyn-based composer, improviser, trumpeter/cornetist, and pianist.  Originally from Warren, MI, he has spent most of his life developing his craft in Detroit & Southeastern Michigan.  

Davy started playing piano at age 5 and trumpet at age 8.  At age 15 he began exploring the world of composition & improvisation.  Now 24, with a steadfast sonic footprint that has been described as " lovely & disturbing", Davy is interested in gathering, deconstructing, and assimilating the collective influence of his heroes: Musical influences such as Bartok, Don Cherry, Mingus and Ligeti; Artistic influences such as Max Ernst, Cy Twombly and Picasso... natural, scientific, personal influences... a total summation of information, which he brings into focus through the convex lens of musical expression & improvisation.

Davy has founded & composed for several projects over the past 3 years such as: "Birds of Augury" - an ever-expanding series of pieces for chordless ensemble, each inspired by a moment in a surrealist story Davy is writing in parallel to emotional landmarks in his life; "Bayuk Trio" - an improvising ensemble of trumpet, cello, bass clarinet/flute; and most recently "smug means sad" - a drumless quartet with good friends & incredible musicians Nick Dunston (bass), Tal Yahalom (guitar) and Lex Korten (piano).

He has performed in Europe, Canada, and United States in festivals and clubs, and has worked with artists such as Matt Mitchell, Tyshawn Sorey, Andrew Bishop, Robert Hurst, Grey McMurray, Francois Moutin, Ellen Rowe, Marcus Belgrave, Marcus Elliot, and Stephen Rush.

In 2017, Davy graduated from the University of Michigan where he studied with Miles Okazaki, Andrew Bishop, Bill Lucas, Benny Green, Ellen Rowe & Robert Hurst.